Burning Brownie

Cazibe Salon

Happiness is surrounding yourself in nature .This urban modern design is sophisticated and cosmopolitan with contemporary and industrial influences. Using the repetition of soft shapes and a pop rust and green color in this salon design for a strong but feminine and graceful look. Combining architecture and nature with a Zen like setting in a professional environment. Chic and effortless mani-pedi design with a relaxed vibe with blending of mosaic tiles. Details like using of brass in arches with marble molds, book match marble panda white at reception area ,Moroccan hammam gives bold and swanky vibe to this luxe Salon.

Dr Fazeela Abbasi Clinic

Modern lines with organic twists have made this clinic an epitome of contemporary chic incorporated with the latest internationally recognized materials like brass. The main design hurdle was space optimization which has been successfully implemented allowing the clinic to provide all the services efficiently in a beautifully designed space.

Tree House School

Grey floors with grey doors, ambient lighting and signage are uniform through out the school. The ambient lighting, chic wallpaper and stand out ‘Hello’ Reception desk give this reception area a unique character.


A clean lined office in the heart of Islamabad. The style used here is executive chic, the furniture was designed to always stay neat and tidy, while keeping the space professional. Leather and wood were used to bring in warmth.

Zulfi Bukhari Office

This office was designed to be a chic meeting space for world leaders to meet with Mr. Bukhari. The office is designed for large meetings in a formal environment. The plush chesterfield sofas compliment the solid wood inlay and marquetry pieces.

Corporate Legal Office

This space is a leading lawyer’s office in Islamabad. The office needed to be a functional space where staff can have privacy and have various central meeting spaces. The design is contemporary with monochromic theme and a hint of canary yellow.

Table Talk

We gave this eminent restaurant a bold art deco look, reverberating the glamorous 1920s. Black and white patterns were coupled with a subdued emerald green, blush pink and accents of rich gold. The dining experience encompasses the well-lit diner style seating or a plush emerald couch with elegant ambient lighting in a mini-library setting