KOHR Kilms Catalogue

Inspired from the Great Mughal Empire’s Shahi Hamam, Kohr brings you the newest collection of kilms

KOHR Gemstone Catalogue

The latest collection from KOHR features its trademark hostess tables and other designer pieces in solid brass and stunning semi-precious gemstones.

KOHR Hardware Catalogue

A showcase of KOHR’s unique and individual pieces of lux hardware in solid brass and semi-precious gemstone.

KOHR LUXE II Catalogue

Bringing KOHR’s luxury furniture designs in one collection, LUXE II boasts pieces in gemstone and solid brass.

KOHR LUXE I Catalogue

: A colourful collection of various furniture pieces, featuring designs in rosewood, solid brass and marble.

KOHR Geometrics & Organics Catalogue

A playful collection of furniture and home accessories inspired by contrasting shapes and designs.


Inspired by the art and architecture of the Big Apple, the SOHO NYC collection brings a bit of glam to any space.