Bahria Enclave Residence – Zone IV

This stunning modern and contemporary house showcases a unique exterior design. From the front, it appears as a single-story structure, while the back reveals a captivating double-height space due to its basement. The basement features a breathtaking swimming pool, complemented by elegant stairs and a captivating feature wall made of Indian green marble. The façade boasts sleek, straight lines, and the house is surrounded by a picturesque landscape, completing its remarkable aesthetic.

Bahria Enclave Residence – Zone III

Step into a realm of architectural brilliance, where luxury meets contemporary design. The lounge boasts a grand double-height media wall adorned with panda white marble, complemented by an elegant electric fireplace featuring wooden fluting, creating a visually stunning focal point. The lounge is tastefully furnished with beautiful pieces, while the connected kitchen offers convenience and style. Adjacent to the dining table, a charming monkey bar awaits the children’s playtime. With a stunning view of the swimming pool, every room exudes modern vibes, ensuring a truly enchanting experience.

Bahria Enclave Residence – Zone II

Indulge in the epitome of elegance and modernity as you step into this captivating house. The dining room boasts a stunning media wall adorned with elegant black marble, complemented by an electric fireplace. The statement furniture further enhances the room’s allure. A beautiful walkway with long curtains adds a touch of modern luxury. The drawing room features a similar media wall but exudes a distinct and contemporary vibe, thanks to its modern sofas. The master bedroom, with its matching media wall, exudes opulence, particularly with its modern bathroom boasting a spacious tub and a panda white marble vanity.

Bahria Enclave Residence – Zone I

Welcome to a contemporary paradise nestled within nature’s embrace. This stunning house boasts a modern spiral staircase adorning its exterior, leading the way to breathtaking views. The landscape design showcases a serene harmony of white stones and vibrant flora. Inside, the house exudes elegance with modern wooden fluting and luxurious travertine stone accents. A magnificent aquarium stands as a statement piece amidst modern furnishings, complementing the stylish interior. Modern bathrooms and a picturesque terrace complete with a beautiful BBQ pit and comfortable seating elevate this abode to perfection

Chitral Residence

Inspired by the symmetrical and staggering landscapes of Chitral. This striking Kitchen seems more like an archaic hideout for the Gods. The design incorporates Modern luxury with subtle nuances of Nordic Chic. The U-Shaped marble floors blend seamlessly into the porcelain shades of the cabinets and the countertops. The drop-in sink and flat-panel cabinets are set upon a backdrop painted with Italian mineral paint, setting the stage for a calming color palette. A rectangular window rests upon the sink, looking out to a beautiful garden, adorned with bushes and trees. A perfectly designed kitchen inspired by the natural elements around it.

Toru Mountain Residence

Let there be light. We inject new energy into this holiday home where textures and geometric patterns are aligned to compliment nature with the use of materials. Oak wood, stone, mineral lime based paints, concrete and glass are the primary materials that serve as a backdrop for contemporary pieces of furniture in this house. Though undoubtedly the most appealing element of the house are its spectacular views of the mountains. The bathrooms are made using terrazzo tiles, each space has been impeccably designed.

Jasmine’s Residence

This kitchen is inspiration from a balance of modern-contemporary and classical elements. The design of the kitchen is clean, modern and straight lined but the charm is in the spatial planning. Mahogany wooden floors with an under counted mount sink, raised-panel cabinets, classical white minimalistic cabinets with rattan doors, stainless steel appliances and a statement brass hood. The kitchen Island and white Carrara countertops, give the space an open feel. The brass handles give a hint of luxury.

Ziad Residence

A modern luxury apartment in Islamabad. Adorned with Italian mineral paint, fluted walls, clean lines, natural materials and on point spacial planning. The treatment of walls, the presence of big mirrors are the undisputed protagonists. One of our strengths is the impressive use of materials. It is designed to be open, fluid and bright. The color palette explores tones in wood, flawless whites, greys, anthracite and golds. The apartments molds and classic details contrast with its contemporary design.

Amina’s Residence

This home renovation stays true to the original aesthetic of a classical design, with straight lines, textures and bright colors. We maintained these elements and used materials pertaining to the original design of the space. The color palette consists of Maroons and Reds, diluted by the raw silk curtains as the backdrop. The sofas and tables are inspired by classical shapes with with slight nuances of contemporary cuts to bring an interesting visual dichotomy.

Toru Residence

A dreamy modern luxury hangout space for billiards and cigars, amplified by the warmth of a gold rimmed minimal fireplace. The marble with brass inlay floor is contained within rich earthy walls and elaborate ceilings. A feature white fluted wall with a dazzling minimal gold grilled window and complementing minimal gold shelving. Finally, brushed copper tastefully lit in feature niches to complete the warm glowing finish of this gilded room.

F8 Residence

This apartment was made incredibly loftier and spacious through our design intervention. The starting point of a high-end minimalist-classical theme was brought to a rather dramatic and ethereal finished space through intricately designed lighting. The play of ivory, whites, and neutrals really opens the viewers eyes to the richness inherent in these seemingly non-colors, and is all tied in nicely with temperately-used metallic and reflective elements.

Dar Residence

This 5 Kanal farmhouse was designed with a contemporary Moroccan fusion influence in mind. Boasting generous open, semi-open spaces and courtyards showcasing plenty of sprawling lawn views along with luxurious outdoor water features, deep teal swimming pool and dramatic lighting. The interior is pure modern luxe, carrying black and gold accents and pristine white marble floors.

Mir Residence

A truly modern luxury apartment featuring bold artwork, and a royal blue kitchenette. Pure white marble floors set off by a striking brass and lapis inlay wall, and gold leaf accents. Two shades of grey in wood and fabric help mediate the bolder elements, giving warmth and grounding the whole room. The Margalla Hills view is paid due homage by the large windows, enhanced through the adjacent fluting texture.

Rafay Residence

Gold accents set the tone for this immaculately detailed bedroom, radiating modern luxury. Glorious sunny Karachi sand forms the undulating feature wall, with hand-made bespoke brass lighting that grants the room considerable ambiance with star motif continues in the custom backlit shelving, and ceiling design featuring golden starbursts. The drama is enhanced by concealed ambient lighting in the mezzanine above, and the dressing area. Matte white fluting, sparkling white marble, neutralizing white plush carpet and subtle gold sheen, the variety of textures in this room speaks volumes about the kind of intimate aesthetic.

Sumaira’s Residence

This residence’s Interior renovation was inspired by Modern Spanish designs with lavish woodwork and antiqued mirrors. It follows a language with bold features like large, rich fireplaces and gorgeous mosaic Spanish kitchens, with more delicate features like finely put together wooden archways, to compliment them. Despite the large size of the entire structure, the warmth and coziness of a home is not lost due to ambient warm lighting and beige color scheme. With no artificial interior feature blocking the natural course of light and wind, the residence becomes marvelously lit and ventilated.

Jawad Jehangir Residence

Styled to be a large entertainment space. The client wanted color, as this is a basement and doesn’t get a lot of light. The furniture was designed as clean lined with a touch of eccentric via accessories.

Arsalan A. Khan

Our Creative Directors Residence – This space is a labor of love and a collector’s dreams. Modern with the right touch of eccentric. Arsalan’s space is a show case of his love of radical design. It hosts a number of antiques mixed in with a fabulous art collection and furniture from KOHR’s various collections. Unique and High Design.