The Studio

Kohr by Arsalan A.Khan is a Pakistan based brand that stands apart for its unique and high quality furniture. KOHR is a new-age premium furniture and home accessories brand that looks to reinvent the living space. We create luxury pieces with an eccentric appeal paired with immaculate lines. Taking inspiration from the ever-evolving living habits of humans, KOHR curates collections and tells stories one design at a time which is why KOHR products are never generic in any sense of the word.


Arsalan Ahmad Khan

Born in Pakistan and raised around the globe, Arsalan has always had an eye for design. Having lived in London and Australia during his formative years, he infuses his design aesthetic with his varied perspective of the human experience. As founder and creative head of KOHR it is this aesthetic that Arsalan pairs with his formal training in furniture design from the Florence Institute of Design International to develop KOHR’s unique collections. Pushing the envelope further with each design, he leaves a little bit of himself in every piece he creates – from “Poseidon”, an ode to the majesty of the ocean, to “Florentine”, a literal map of his beloved Florence, Arsalan ties in his global experiences of the gems of the earth to curate KOHR’s unique designs.

Asra Shakeel

Asra is an enthusiatic designer. Her work distinguishes itself with bold, unexpected materials & color combinations that talk about her love for furniture and interior design. She loves to explore function with creative forms and tries to differentiates narratives of both through the visualization of her designwork. Asra brings her brand management skills and design savvy nature to KOHR on a daily basis.


Behind The Scenes

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